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Forum Thread: How to Learn Five Animal Kung Fu, Ng Ying Kungfu

To learn the art of Five Animal Kung Fu you need to start the training step by step. Five Animal Kung Fu in Chinese: Ng Ying Kungfu or Ng Ying Kuen was brought out to the public in 1993 by grandmaster Christopher Fournier. The art is a traditional southern Chinese form of martial arts with many subjects. These Animals, are the main ones in the system: Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake and the Dragon. The art consists of: Forms, Selfdefense with resisting partners, Weapons, Semi and Full Contact Sp...

Forum Thread: How to Avoid the Wrestling Takedown in Wing Chun

Video: . Avoiding a wrestling shoot or takedown in MMA is challenging at best especially when it is combined with punches and kicks. Here are 3 simple Wing Chun vs MMA strategies that may help your takedown defence. These techniques are flexible and can be used for San Shou Kickboxing or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. Even for those that wish to test their Wing Chun skills against other styles of martial arts, especially Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) or Wrestling.

Forum Thread: How to Fight Off Ground & Pound Attacks

This week we look at how to defend against punches to your face when you've been thrown to the ground. We cover a few key BJJ concepts on how to fight off your back in self defence. These ideas are taken from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu's (BJJ) well know and tested Self Defence training, but these ideas are universal and will help anyone defend themselves on the ground. We also examine why you should not use Wing Chun techniques, but stick too simple concepts taken from BJJ but also tested in MMA.

Forum Thread: How to Defend Yourself When Pushed Against a Wall

How to fight someone stronger than you when you are pushed against a wall. This video covers some simple ideas of how to fight when you are trapped and can't run away. These are some simple ideas to teach you how to fight a bigger or stronger person with some very simple beginners Wing Chun techniques used for self defence. This is everything you need to know for self defence in a street fight especially when your back is stuck against the wall.

How to Fight: Where to Punch to End a Fight in Seconds

How to fight and where to punch to end a fight in seconds all depends on where you punch the body. This video is about how to fight and punch to inflict pain on your attacker. That is how to fight effectively at close range using some simple Wing Chun techniques. This martial art relies on the idea of multiple strikes or punches in order to overwhelm an attacker with with punches thrown from different angles.

Forum Thread: How to Fight with One Arm

Realistically fighting with a broken arm would be extremely painful. So in this week's video we look at the concept in Wing Chun of using one arm as an efficient form of self defence. How to fight with one arm is more about learning to control the physical space in front of the centre of your body. It's not about being able to fight anyone with one arm.

Forum Thread: How to Defend Yourself When Jumped from Behind

How to fight with Wing Chun when you are attacked from behind depends on two key factors. Firstly, that you step in the right way and direction. Most importantly, that you can see what's happening behind you. Wing Chun has the techniques, but how to fight in this type of attack requires that you think and move quickly. In this video we look at two basic ideas for a self defence application when someone attacks you from behind.

Forum Thread: How to Be a Real Cheerleader!!!

A cheerleader is not normal athlete a cheerleader is not anyone, cheerleading is a sport that is gaining strength in the world and is considerador by many as a very complex extreme sport, for all requirements, all the steps to be taken an athlete, the themes of the coaches, the actions to be met within a very short time, accurately with presision, agility, technique and perfection, to run bearings, for jumps, and even better gymnastics, is It needs to work much of the flexibility, the physica...

Forum Thread: Squash Saved My Life.

Squash has been a great way of getting an excellent cardio-vascular workout. In addition, it has allowed me to develop a greater level of flexibility, all while chasing a little bouncing ball. It has been a great inspiration learning all about the rules and strategies of this wonderful game!

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